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Created by two passionate parents for parents nurturing the next generation

The Stroller Club was born out of our own 2 experiences of pregnancies, each in a different country. What we felt was missing, we are trying to provide to all expecting parents. Our passion is fueled by the belief that everything we do in the prenatal time contributes in a fundamental way to the growth of our baby.


Our Story

We both absolutely adore kids and becoming good nurturing parents was always our top most priority. So when we were expecting our first child, it was nothing short of a dream come true! We wanted to use these very precious nine months nourishing and nurturing our baby’s growing body and mind in every way possible. And the second pregnancy was no different in terms of our aspirations. However, through our journey of 2 pregnancies in 2 different countries, we came to see first hand the gap between what existed and what I would have ideally had in my pregnancies. So, here’s our attempt to provide you with that comprehensive solution for your most beautiful journey with your little angel. We truly hope you enjoy what we have to offer. 

San & Pranav

Our Philosophy

Based on our 3 pillars: Mind Body Soul, our philosophy is to provide you with the most comprehensive and holistic care for your unique prenatal journey. Watch our video to know more!

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