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Your Pregnancy. Your Way.

Globally certified expert led 100+ classes, nutritional guidance, workouts, meditation, and mom's community, all under one roof


The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world
- William Wallace

Moms are the quiet force that can change the world. And it all starts in the womb.

With our Mind Body Soul philosophy, we’ve got you covered with everything under one roof, from music to art, pilates to yoga, physio-therapy to meditation, nutrition to self care. Available in the form of on-demand classes, expert consultations, and a supportive community, find the fit that’s right for you.


From music to yoga, art to physiotherapy, we have all the classes you need to make your pregnancy healthy and happy.

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Join our community and meet other parents like yourselves. Also get access to expert led panels and discussions, to aid you in your child's development.

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Get individualized expert guidance for your unique stage in your unique pregnancy.

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Our Story

Mom to 2 wonderful little kids, I’ve always been very passionate about Early Childhood Education. My first pregnancy was in India and my second was in the US. During both experiences, I felt alone and lost. I had looked forward to my 9 months of pregnancy with my kids, so I could maximize their time learning in the womb. In both countries, I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive solution to guide me through my prenatal stage, in more than just a medical way. I wanted to expose my growing baby’s brain to a 360° approach to life: with music, art, fitness, nutrition, crafts, and other activities. And that’s when The Stroller Club was born. 

Welcome Mommy-to-be! I am so excited to be part of your wonderful journey with you! And hope that we can add substantial value to you and your little angel ❤

Love, San.

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From music to art, from craft to knitting; meet our highly exeprienced and passionate experts 

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With everything from yoga, pilates, nutrition, dance, and physiotherapy, our amazing experts have you fully covered

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Find your inner peace with Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-care; and let our experts guide you through it all

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